The Team

Rev Rosheen Browning


Rosheen is the Priest-in-Charge of the Camborne Cluster of Churches. She is responsible for overseeing the work being done to bring God's kingdom to Camborne. She is also the Team Leader for the Transforming Mission Camborne project.

Rev Graham Adamson

Deanery Missioner

Graham works alongside the four benefices of Carnmarth North Deanery to help us to grow in our mission and to focus on our deanery evangelism and discipleship priorities.

Rev Rory Clare


Rory is curate for Camborne Cluster. He will be preaching and leading services across the five churches, as well as getting involved in everything that the Cluster offers.

Becky Lines

Children and Families Leader

Becky is the Transforming Mission Children and Families Leader. She has set up of new groups and works alongside others who are doing children and families work. She visits schools and leads worship with the children, runs events in holiday time and meets with individual families.

Esther Sardar

Worship Leader

Esther is the Transforming Mission Worship Leader. Esther leads the musical elements of the services across the Cluster, but predominantly at Camborne. She also looks after the Cluster YouTube content and interviews different people each week to continue the conversations that arise from the main Sunday worship.

Nanette Newton-HInge

Project Manager

Nanette is Project Manager for Transforming Mission Camborne. She liaises with all the team members to enable the project to move forward seamlessly. Nanette overseas our social media, buildings projects and is the Health and Safety advisor for Camborne Cluster.