Radiant wonder – New wine.

Hello Radiant friends! This next blog share reflects on a scripture that has not left me since we began gathering to worship and pray in September 2021. Be encouraged. I believe God is pouring out the new wine of his glory into willing wineskins, ready to experience the filling and fermenting of his glory in…

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Continuing the conversation – Part 3

Our latest Continuing the Conversation is now live on our YouTube page. The ‘Heritage & Worship Life’ series continues, celebrating the widest church in Cornwall, St Martin & St Meriadoc’s, that we know fondly as Camborne Parish Church. Enjoy David Thomas’ insightful tour within these historical walls.

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Radiant Wonder – Heavenly Worship

Revelation 4 has been a scripture we return to at our Radiant gatherings. In my bible it is titled ‘The Heavenly Worship’ and I would encourage anyone interested in understanding true worship to read it, digest and read again. I shared in one of my early blogs that in our humanity we only see parts…

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Radiant Wonder – Ascending the Mountain

Welcome to our weekly blog – https://www.radiantwonder.co.uk Seeking God’s presence is vital to our spiritual life of worship. Hearing his voice and recognising the leading of his Holy Spirit seems like an intimidating mountain hard to climb and way out of our comfort zone. Walking home from the school run today was an uphill struggle…

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