What to expect

Come as you are, we are here for you.

We understand that church can be daunting. At one time each of us was a newcomer too. We want you feel as welcome as a member of the family. Please relax, be yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Join us for a coffee we’d love to get to know you and join you on your journey of faith.

Got a question about coming to Church?

Is there a dress code? toggle-arrow

The wonderful thing about coming to any of the churches in the Camborne Cluster is that you can wear what you feel comfortable in. No one will judge you for what you wear — our God sees the person inside!

How much does it cost? toggle-arrow

There is no charge to come to worship and share in the fellowship in the Camborne Cluster. If you do feel that you want to contribute to the work of the church in the area then you’ll find a collection plate by the entrance at most services (sometimes it’ll be there at the end).

If you want to contribute regularly then please speak to a member of the Welcome team or the clergy.

How will I know when to do what? toggle-arrow

At Camborne church everything you need to know will be on the screens at the 11am service. For all other services there are booklets to follow and people around who can help.

What time do things happen? toggle-arrow

Check out our Find a Service pages to find the times for the church you are thinking of coming along to. If you arrive early, onetime or if you don’t quite make it for the start there will always be someone to say hi and let you know what is happening and where you can sit.

How do I know who is who? toggle-arrow

The clergy and ministry team (the vicar and worship leaders) will usually be by the door at the end of the service. Make yourself known and they’ll be delighted to meet and chat to you.