Saying Goodbye

When someone you know and love is nearing the end of their life or has died, of whatever cause, we can walk alongside you and help you plan their funeral. One of our ministers will get in touch to help you plan a personal and meaningful service to be held in church, at the graveside, or at the local crematorium.

Funerals in church

We understand how difficult it can be when someone dies, there’s so much to think about and to organise. We can help you say your final goodbye in a way that really helps, with a service in church. Christians believe that when we die, God promises us a future in a wonderful place where death and pain are gone forever. Whatever the circumstances of death, these words of hope are a great comfort to those who attend a funeral.

The vicar or one of our Licensed Lay Ministers can help you choose prayers, music and bible readings that are meaningful to you and your loved one. We will work alongside the funeral directors to arrange the details, and to help you pay tribute to your loved one. Funeral services in church usually take place before a burial in the churchyard or cemetery. Alternatively they can be arranged for before or after a cremation.

A graveside service

A service in a churchyard or cemetery can be a beautiful setting for a funeral, surrounded by trees and birdsong. The service can be as long or short as is appropriate for you and the other mourners. Often the funeral directors can help supply music and work with us to honour your loved one as they are committed to their final resting place.

We can take services at your local civil cemetery or in one of our churchyards if you or your loved one has a connection to that parish. Not all our churchyards still have space; Camborne and Tuckingmill churchyards are now closed for new burials.

Funerals at the crematorium

Our ministers are available to lead services at Treswithian, our local Crematorium Chapel. It will be a Christian service, much like a funeral in church, giving you the opportunity to celebrate their life before commending your loved one into God’s hands.

Burial of Ashes

Following a cremation service, the final part of laying your loved to rest will be burying the ashes. It’s possible for one of ministers to lead a short outdoor service, if you would like that.

Ashes can be buried in the churchyard or Garden of Remembrance but not scattered. Find out what is possible for each church by contacting us.