Camborne Church welcome – free, safe, spaces.

Warm Spaces

We are proud to offer a selection of warm, safe, spaces across our churches and partner buildings and all come with a WARM WELCOME.  As well as providing a warm drink and space they are a wonderful way to make new friends and meet your community.

Camborne Parish Church

Tuesday 3-5 (term times only)

Tuesday means Teatime, from 3-5 we offer free food drinks and activities for Families and Teens.  On the first Tuesday of the month we open at 2 and host the children’s clothes bank alongside Teatime.

Thursday 1-6

Footprints Cafe offers company, hot drinks and cake and runs between 1-3pm and is for any age.  Church Kitchen is primarily for people experiencing homelessness but all are welcome, food is served between 5-5.30.

Saturday 10-12

Saturday cafe takes place in the hall.  Come for a warm drink, board games and books.

Sunday 9-12 (1st & 3rd Sunday)

The hall is open for Sunday services and hot drinks are served after each service.  On the 2nd and 4th Sunday we close between 10:30-11:30

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