Camborne Cluster

We are a family of five Anglican parishes in and around Camborne. Each church has a distinct character and its own way of sharing the love of Jesus with the community around us. What unites us is our shared heritage and our purpose as together we seek to love God and love Cornwall. We are here for you: whether you are a visitor or pilgrim, curious or a believer.

A special area of Cornwall

Camborne and the surrounding parishes encapsulate all that Cornwall is famous for. From the dramatic cliffs and wonderful seascapes on our northern border, through the farmland and small settlements that sit between the coast and the historic mining town of Camborne. South of Camborne the hills are dotted with farms and the ruins of the mining industry that made this part of Cornwall the richest area of the world during the Industrial Revolution.

There are plenty of other organisations that we work with and are part of.
The Camborne Cluster of Churches is part of the Church of England Diocese of Truro.
Both St John the Evangelist, Treslothan and St Crewenna, Crowan are designated as Celtic Quiet Places.