Money coaching training

Money coaching training offered 

Christians Against Poverty has offered us the opportunity to train up money coaches to work within our churches! 

Through money coaching, you can help your community build the knowledge, skills and confidence to improve their financial wellbeing. 

Money coaching typically takes place over three or four group sessions facilitated by a trained Money Coach within your church community. It’s designed to run alongside any other ministries or services you offer in your church such as small groups or food banks. It can also be offered one to one. 

Through a series of videos, group discussions and activities, your community will receive up-to-date, expert advice on different topics that will help them navigate their day-to-day finances.  

Money coaching topics include: 

  • How to build and balance a household budget 
  • Ways to save more and get the most out of spare cash 
  • How to use credit wisely and navigate unmanageable debt 

 Who can be a Money Coach? 

 We don’t expect you to have a wealth of financial knowledge or any formal qualifications, you’ll just need to be comfortable leading a group and facilitating discussion on the topic of money management.  

With just the few hours’ training that we provide, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to be a Money Coach. 

 If you are interested in possibly becoming a Money Coach, please see Rev. Rosh in the first instance. 

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