Where can I worship on Sunday the 23rd July?

This Sunday there are 8 ways to join us in worship and we would welcome you to join us at all and any #wildchurch #morningworship #celticservice #deafchurch #matins #holycommunion @cambornecluster

Where Can I worship this Sunday 23rd July?

9.00 Morning Worship @ Camborne Parish Church

9.30 Holy Communion @ All Saints, Tuckingmill

9.30 Holy Communion @ Treslothan Church

10.30 Holy Communion @ Camborne Parish Church

11.00 Matins @ Holy Trinity, Penponds

11:00 Wild Church @ Crowan Church Prayer garden, creating a labyrinth.

11.15 Celtic service @ Crowan Church

4.00 Camborne Deaf Church @ Camborne Parish church

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