Creation Care

The Diocese of Truro’s vision for Creation Care invites people to Cherish Creation, Cut Carbon and Speak up. It is committed to the Church of England’s target of achieving Net Zero carbon emissions in 2030

A small group of us at St Martin and St Meriadoc, with the blessing of the PCC, has been working on this for a few months. All the other churches in the Cluster have now joined us for regular meetings.

As well as our own personal efforts to cherish creation we are trying to encourage congregations, our families and friends to support local, national and international organisations who can speak out against the harm being done to Creation.

We think it is important to care for those parts of God’s creation for which we have responsibility, stewarding them for the benefit of plants, animals and biodiversity.

It seems a pretty tall order to achieve all these things but doing something is always better than doing nothing. Even if you are not able to physically help, your encouragement to others is just as important! If you can, cherish your window box, flower pots, garden, allotment, your church yard, your local beach, or even your street.

You may be able to ‘speak up’. Most of the damage to God’s Earth has come about by the actions of the wealthy nations but it is the developing countries, who do the least harm, which are suffering more. With the current economic crisis, it can be hard to change grocery buying habits but if you can buy Fair Trade products that can help the producers who use lower ‘inputs’.

One way in which we can measure how fruitful we are in caring for Creation is by gaining the various Green Church awards. At both Camborne Parish Church and All Saints, we are very close to gaining the Bronze Certificate. Hopefully by the autumn we will have installed a number of bird and bat boxes in the church yards. Watch this space! If you are able to help in any way, or know people who would like to join in please get in touch with your Church Wardens. For those who enjoy using websites, all the information can be found here:

Hazel Chick (on behalf of the Creation Care Group.)

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