Radiant Wonder – Heavenly Worship

Revelation 4 has been a scripture we return to at our Radiant gatherings. In my bible it is titled ‘The Heavenly Worship’ and I would encourage anyone interested in understanding true worship to read it, digest and read again. I shared in one of my early blogs that in our humanity we only see parts of the bigger vision of God, ‘snippets of glory’ (See I Corinthians 13 v12). Every time we gather in prayer and worship another piece of the glorious puzzle is revealed to us. This scripture is a BIG reveal!
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Jesus may our worship be pleasing to you. Forgive us when our sight has grown dim. Help us to daily gaze at the wonder of you, enthroned in majesty. We ask for fresh revelations of your glory that inspire us to sing a new ‘holy’. We throw our crowns at your feet and join with the creatures of heaven in pure worship today. Amen.
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