Lighting up Camborne Church

As the project manager for the cluster one of the first challenges I was asked to look at was the entrance to M&M (Camborne). Presently the church is entered away from the main road next to the church hall, an entrance which is not visible from the road. So how could we improve this and make the entrance accessible to all and clearly visible.

Our response was two-fold, to have an entrance that could be easily viewed, and to announce or highlight where it was. The church is one of the most prominent buildings in the town, and boasts beautiful grade 1 architecture. By lighting the church we could celebrate the building itself and create a beacon for the town, we could change the colours to show support for causes, pink for breast cancer and to reflect the church calendar: purple for lent.

Here is a schematic showing how the lighting will work, you will notice it is respectful and fairly subtle. Work will start in January. The second part pf the project is the tower door which I will share in a separate update.

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